Monrovia, Indiana ★★★½

"Monrovia is a pure case study in 'fly-over country,' a tiny town whose demographics shifted from 99.2% white in the 2000 census to 97.3% in the 2010 census. In the culture wars we will all be pleased to engage in until our deaths (the way things are going), there are, broadly speaking, two stances on this type of community. There’s the anti-, 'What’s the Matter with Kansas?' case, which isn’t all that new and doesn’t really require much explicating (hotbeds of xenophobia and racism, a lust to impose reactionary mores on the populace). The pro stance is equally familiar, if no less reductive; white small-town America’s seemingly undistinguished nature belies deep values worth fighting for, ones which depraved coastal elites, blinded as they are by cocaine and sodomy, are powerless to recognize."

Going off from NYFF.