The Dreamed Path

The Dreamed Path ★★★½

"In the tradition of Straub-Huillet, this is a movie that simply cannot conceive of, let alone care about, a hypothetical viewer who should be made happy watching this. It is very much Art For Art’s Sake, and while that can be the excuse for a lot of garbage, its integrity of conception and intent is not up for question. I was, therefore, fascinated by the post-screening Q&A, a ritual I know well enough to avoid but in this case I wanted to hear Schanelec for a bit. What I got was the platonic ideal of uncomprehendingly hostile audiences who can’t even ask the right questions. Instead, they ask (seriously) 'What is the meaning of the film?' and 'What message are we supposed to take away?' Schanelec’s response to the latter was also perfect: 'I’m sorry, but this question is impossible to answer.' She went on: the film took five years to make and it’s 86 minutes long, and that’s the answer. More power to her."

More here. Her introductory suggestion — "You don't have to think. You can just watch." — is very good advice in general.