Vadim has written 4 reviews for films rated ★½ during 2014.

  • Think Like a Man

    Think Like a Man


    Watched this to prepare to review Think Like A Man Too, because I'm idiotically conscientious, and it's about as vile as things can get. Steve Harvey teaches that men and women are here to make each other miserable: women have to manipulate men into getting married, and men need to be grateful for this. There's of course underlying historical context informing the black ladies' rapacious desire for fiscal stability conspicuously displayed and their desire that the men be on the…

  • The Big Ask

    The Big Ask


    "The canine is confiscated by Andrew, and turned into a metaphorical mirror he can use to come to terms with himself. 'You’re a dick,' he seethes at the innocent animal. Men are dogs!"

    Another week, another bad movie bemusedly reviewed for The Dissolve.

  • The Last Days on Mars

    The Last Days on Mars


    Sight & Sound review, not online. Soporific.

  • Escape from Tomorrow

    Escape from Tomorrow


    Simply awful; can't imagine how it could've been 15 minutes longer at Sundance, because it feels endless as is. The very concept of the "Disney-fication" of America/the world is valid shorthand for how a mega-corporation can take any aspect of life and render it toothless and smotheringly cute for hefty ancillary profits, but it's also an easy word to deploy for the smug to congratulate themselves on seeing through all that bullshit without attempting all that much actual analytical thought.…