Vadim has written 5 reviews for films rated ★★★½ during 2021.

  • Bergman Island

    Bergman Island


    Filmmaker: There’s two other elements involving film that I’m curious about: the print of Cries and Whispers that they watch in the screening room, and also the film that Tim Roth’s character has made. I’m curious about filming the Bergman print off the screen, and the visual language of Tim’s film is very different from your usual visual language.

    Hansen-Løve: The screenings in 35 in Fårö happen only once a year, during the Bergman week. The prints do not stay…

  • Teenage Emotions

    Teenage Emotions


    This is a good movie that I recommend, and I talked to Frederic Da about making it here.

  • El Planeta

    El Planeta


    I generally strive to be a well-informed viewer; in the case of Amalia Ulman’s El Planeta, however, I was perhaps better served by going in uncharacteristically ignorant. Because I didn’t really know anything about Ulman besides the fact that she’s a performance/video/web-artist, I wasn’t picking up on any of her debut feature’s connections to the personas she’s developed on Instagram and elsewhere. Instead, Ulman’s debut feature, shot in the town of Gijón, where she grew up, registered as exactly the type of movie I like, a droll comedy formally descended from Éric Rohmer.

    Good movie!

  • Atlantis



    I’m not crazy about what I wrote about this from TIFF, but it’ll serve and this movie needs a signal boost as it “enters American release,” so posting here.

  • Mank



    I wrote something like a personal essay on my 2020 in film, and since it includes Mank I’ll park it here.