Vadim has written 3 reviews for films rated ★★½ during 2022.

  • Other People's Children

    Other People's Children


    Attending Cannes this summer, the Canal+ logo came to seem like an inescapable, mandatory component for European arthouse filmmaking, to be seen twice a day as automatically as breathing; when it flashed at the beginning of my first TIFF screening, continuity was established. Fresh from its Venice premiere, Rebecca Zlotowski’s Other People’s Children is briefly immensely likeable before counterproductively deflating. Teacher Rachel (Virginie Efira) is introduced showing her high school students Roger Vadim’s 1960 Les Liaisons Dangereouses. A significant plurality…

  • Utama



    Operating under the principle that an ominous cough heard in the first act must go off in the last, Utama turns out to be a fairly tedious harangue about the end of a traditional way of life and destructive ecological change. It’s almost impressive how Grisi drains the repeated sight of llamas—already one of the world’s most inherently comical animals, here also tricked out with pink feathers in their ears—of any humor. For a while, I entertained the possibility that…

  • When You Finish Saving the World

    When You Finish Saving the World


    Programmer Charlie Sextro noted in his intro that Eisenberg’s appeared in many Sundance premieres, including The Squid and the Whale. This movie falls into the incredibly specific category of feature debuts by the child stars of that movie (Eisenberg’s onscreen sibling, Owen Kline, has been in some kind of nebulous post-production on Two Against Nature for years). More broadly, while I’m loath to encourage the idea that A24 has some kind of homogenizing checklist of required elements for their output,…