Vadim has written 3 reviews for films rated ½ .

  • Sicilian Vampire

    Sicilian Vampire

    This is a truly awful movie that I wrote up as part of a fairly weird assignment (for Vanity Fair!) which I was more than happy to take on — money's money. The original remit was more or less to explain the reasons for this particular film's existence with this particular cast, but the answers to that were fairly obvious. What became of greater interest to me was the strange, tortured saga of Frank D'Angelo, this film's writer/producer/director/star/musician. I included…

  • Don Peyote

    Don Peyote

    On Twitter, Mr. Dan Fogler expressed his displeasure with my review: "ever made 1 creative thing in yer life?punks act like yer experts. this is my livelihood. review of yer review: u have a micropenis [...] based on the review u got your head up your ass."

    Fair enough. It's kind of a mean review. But I really did hate his movie, and I'm pretty sure Fogler's gonna be OK despite me.

  • People Like Us

    People Like Us

    This was for review for Sight & Sound and will (presumably) not appear online. This is the 2nd-worst film of 2012 (I've seen in the course of duty). After 2016: Obama's America. For real.