Vadim has written 3 reviews for films with no rating during 2018.

  • Death of a Nation

    Death of a Nation

    "To thoroughly unpack the falsehoods, rhetorical sleights of hand, goalpost shifting, and general bad-faith arguments would require a monograph. One example will suffice: To prove that Hitler wasn’t a 'right-winger' but truly belongs to the left, D’Souza notes that the dictator is often deemed right-wing because he’s perceived as homophobic. (Well, yes.) But in fact, that’s incorrect, because Hitler tolerated homosexuals in the brownshirts as long as they were good fighters; ergo, he wasn’t homophobic, and by extension he’s not…

  • Personal Truth

    Personal Truth

    “You’re being lied to, Susan. You’re being lied to on a daily basis by the entire mainstream media. Twenty years in this town [editor’s note: Hollywood, naturally], surrounded by all these showbiz phonies, and you can’t see that?”

    “They’re not the ones lying, it’s you. Everything you say now is a lie.”

    John fixed her with a cold stare. “Are you going to tell me Pizzagate is a lie?”

    Susan fell suddenly silent. Her two decades in Hollywood had taught her plenty about the sexual perversions of the rich and famous. “I don’t know about Pizzagate,” she said quietly.

    Watch here.

  • Benji


    Reviewed here. If you have Netflix, definitely watch the post-credits outtakes, which are kind of a perfect one-minute movie. Otherwise, you's Benji.