Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★

Better than I remembered (granted, I remembered almost nothing), plus it was the Ultimate Cut this time around which probably improved things. I think the first few scenes pretty accurately capture the general feel of the movie: a bizarrely edited opening with Batman's parents being killed, followed by a great scene actually addressing the destruction caused in Metropolis by Zod and Superman, with Batman leaping into action not as himself but as Bruce Wayne, to save his employees, followed by a scene where Jimmy Olsen is promptly shot in the head. It tells you everything you need to know about how the mythos of the title characters is gonna be treated, for better or for worse.

Highlights: the Arkham-esque fight scenes from Batman, Callan Mulvey as the KGBeast (what a character to toss in here, even if it's clearly muted from the comics), Wonder Woman and her theme, the Doomsday battle, Superman and Batman beating the shit out of each other, motherfucking Alfred, the Knightmare sequence.

The opposite of highlights: Batman's constant desire to KILL, Superman still being depressing, the lack of development to Wonder Woman, the Knightmare/Flash cameo's lack of connection to anything, other dropped plot points, the sheer compression of Bats + Superman's friendship development, "MARTHA."

Still torn on Luthor. Interesting take on the character that doesn't always work.