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  • Punch-Drunk Love

    Punch-Drunk Love


    Sometimes, it feels like my tongue has it in for me. It’ll go a mile a minute, constantly twisting and careening and rolling in my mouth when I talk with confidence. But then, when I see another human being—another person who actually has a mouth that can say words specifically at me—it just stops. It settles. It stays there, barely moving, occasionally tapping against my teeth, as I stand there mumbling out the quickest “thank you”’s and “sorry”’s and half-formed…

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


    In the deepest recesses of my mind, I looked for you. I looked for you, and you weren’t there. I reached, my arms stretching out into the darkness of my brain looking for the figure of you. A part of you to latch onto. And right as I think I can grab a hold, my fingers only move through, falling into the air as I realized, once again, that you weren’t there. You are but a memory: fading, faint, and…

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  • Roma



    these are the women the government doesn’t care about, even more-so in a world where the government doesn’t care about and has never cared about any woman. these are the women that fight every single day to find beauty, happiness, and peace in this world. these are the women that work every day just to get by. these are the women that radiate with unconditional warmth and love. these are the women that see the young, and teach, and hold,…

  • Carol



    Caught, crashed by the winter winds of what the Milky Way carried,
    An angel stood there, and looked at the mortal creature with a demured stare distracting from the daily crowds,
    Their smiles touched, married,
    Entwined in seraphic, sweetly locked,
    Heart stopped and never beating with every fleeting moment of passion bleeding,
    Frost lacing the windows, to hear the radio and feel the moment, lingered, long, silent,
    Caps cover the warmth, but skin engulfs, a love too strong to keep mum,
    Two 50’s souls, consumed, elysian, shot from the sky,
    Forever flung.

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  • Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction


    the two huge reasons why this movie is important, despite all the fanboy fare around it becoming bloated and repetitive:

    #1 - it’s awesome.

    #2 - it’s a major example and important demonstration of toxic filmbro culture at its highest, a large beacon for privileged adolescent boys just getting into cinémå to flock to so they can sit through it and falsely proclaim their vast knowledge of what makes proper screenwriting or film-making, a holy temple for Kanye West stans…

  • Her



    Dear Spike Jonze,

    I'm an anxious person. An angry person. A disconnected person. Yet, even while wallowing in my cynicism, I can't quite shake the fact that there's something entrancing about the crooked beauty you illustrate. The sounds of grinding metal tuned through a myriad of pristine violins, or the soft strumming of a ukulele, it's always given such an emotional weight as you bring a thought and soul to a silly-enough story of a man in love with his…