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  • Blue Story

    Blue Story


    BLUE STORY was temporarily banned in several UK theaters for fears it would incite violence. Like basically all overactions of the sort, it detracts from the sincere call for awareness, while still being a genuinely entertaining story about street war and the people caught in the middle. BLUE STORY Sorta feels like the Hardest-R Most Gangster Ass Afterschool Special you ever seen, trying to reach the Yout Dem on their own terms, though it also wears more classical influences on…

  • The Lovebirds

    The Lovebirds


    Everyone joked that THE LOVEBIRDS is QUEEN & SLIM GO TO WHITE CASTLE...but I wish it actually was. Its more like a DVD sequel to DATE NIGHT or GAME NIGHT. It's fun, but ironically would've worked better as a serious crime drama with comedic leads. Kumail & Issa are hot tho.

    Actually, if THE LOVEBIRDS ditched the zany night/crime caper altogether it would have been really special. The jokes were hit & miss for me, but its almost magical how Issa & Kumail transition between sexy couple chemistry and comedic duo timing, often in the same scene

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  • Bodied



    *Important Message From A Black Person*

    BODIED is great! Lots of fun, especially once it gets to the end. To paraphrase my man @AllNewDom, get ready for SCOTT PILGRIM VS 8 MILE

    But for all y’all white critics saying how it’s an earth shattering revelation: 

    Calm The Fuck Down

    I swear, reading some of the responses/reviews from white people about BODIED reveals 2 things: They either have such a hard-on to smash “PC culture” that they’ll regale this as the…

  • Extraction



    There was a lot of hype about the action choreography for this movie, and I am happy to say that EXTRACTION exceeded my expectations in that department. Story-wise this is the kind bare bones Dad Movie you'd typically watch on Sunday afternoon cable, but its simple skeleton allows it to revel in muscular high level kinetic carnage.

    Stripped away of sci-fi/superhero trappings, a naturally lean but heartily physical Chris Hemsworth shines in complex CQB and tacticool run & gun, really selling…