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  • Jawan


  • The Equalizer 3


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  • Jawan



    I wasn’t paying attention and thought this would be a slow movie release weekend. So glad I decided to go to the theater today because JAWAN is one of the most entertaining moves I’ve seen this year! This shit is a blast from start to finish.

    Certain big Indian blockbusters work equally well as both homegrown crowd pleasers and international showcases, and JAWAN is definitely among them. If you felt that this summer was lacking in action & cinematic spectacle, this…

  • The Equalizer 3

    The Equalizer 3


    Like the EXTRACTION films, you should now by now if the boilerplate violent crime drama of the EQUALIZER series is for you or not. That said, pushing EQUALIZER 3 to the extreme end of horror movie slasher villain is an interesting & dare I say risky move, and ultimately I believe it pays off.

    EQUALIZER 3 is a mishmash of Western, Mafia, and Govt Black Ops movies that may feel strange and off putting at first. More seasoned viewers may balk…

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  • Nope



    My nigga Jordan Peele really said “okay but what if Biblically Accurate One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater” the fucking MADMAN

    Just a really interesting blend of influences, approaches, and themes; Jordan Peele’s movies wear their influences on their sleeves but they still makes for unique visions that know how to engage the crowd.

    One thing that caught my attention: The history of Black Cowboys/Horse wranglers is the history of America itself. I dare say it’s a bit of a master stroke for Jordan Peele to make the creative statement that they are a part of our cultural future as well

  • Pig



    When my mom died, I learned in grief counseling that the “phases of grief” is a myth; you’re never really over loss, it’s how you choose to carry on that matters. Grief calluses & festers in PIG, but the film also proposes that perhaps simple tenderness can be enough to heal the hardened hearts of men. 

    PIG has the spirit of literary classics like Old Man & The Sea where metaphors are profound yet direct. On film, characters apply their internal philosophies…