21 Bridges ★★★

Finally saw 21 BRIDGES and it is definitely a movie for your old black uncle military veteran/former cop who sneaks alcohol into movie theaters in denial of his drinking problem, unresolved white woman fetish, and possible PTSD


21 BRIDGES is for me.

This movie could just as easily have been a movie about a black slave catcher who sort of grows a conscience and tries to figure out a way to fix the system but only gets as far as Black Exceptionalism. 21 BRIDGES starts off very conservatively (which isn’t itself a problem at all to me), but I was hoping for a subversive turn that never came, even though all the pieces were in place. Still,  a great old school style cop drama action burner that’s very well made. Director Brian Kirk has had success directing episodes of acclaimed TV shows such as GAME OF THRONES and LUTHER, and his talents are well suited to straightforward mid budget fare such as this, look forward to his continued work. 

I hate to see the lovely Stephan James (of IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK fame) be yet another black man in anguish, but when I saw his physique in that movie I surmised those muscles weren’t just for show. 21 BRIDGES affirms that; James is a man of action I want to see lots more of! Just the same, I’ve actually always been a fan of Taylor Kitsch even though he always stars in terrible movies. He has a particular “hungry” energy and never phones it in. He does good work as a semi-scummy hard up white boy in 21 BRIDGES, and I liked the overall desperate veterans angle.

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