Den of Thieves ★★★★

I Loved DEN OF THIEVES!! Macho gritty urban cop gangster movies are very much my wheelhouse, and this one prodded the pleasure centers of my brain so hard it blew it out of my head and into the back seat of my car. This movie is so fuckin gangster. 

The thing about DEN OF THIEVES is that it’s big and dumb and stupid...until it isn’t. I’m not just talking about the well oiled heist mechanics or the big plot twist though. Seemingly without realizing it, it’s a better exploration of the modern soldier/combatant than 12 STRONG. 

DEN OF THIEVES has been widely compared to a famous crime capers like HEAT and THE USUAL SUSPECTS, but I find it serves as a good timely companion to another heist film just last year: DEN OF THIEVES is like if scummy low budget pre-SUICIDE SQUAD David Ayer remade LOGAN LUCKY

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