Jumanji: The Next Level ★★★


I had a great time but it’s basically a glorified straight to VHS sequel like from back in the ‘90s. I know he disliked the first one so I can’t wait to read Eric Kohn trash the racial politics of this one! *jerk-off motion*

In all seriousness, peeling back the layers of racial stuff in JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL is actually kinda fucked up if you’re inclined to explore it. Stranger still is how in a movie in which several people do Black Voice, Awkwafina is *not* one of them! Post-Racial America, baby.

I will say, it’s No Small Thing how the marquis JUMANJI cast (Johnson, Hart, Gillan & Black) so effectively bring multiple characters to life; terrific work. Also great: multiple generations continue to fall in love with Danny DeVito (one kid cheered at his name in the credits!)