Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★★

Whoever tell you MONSTER HUNTER is trash drank breastmilk till they was 8. Whoever talk shit about MONSTER HUNTER cries when they fuck. Whoever calls MONSTER HUNTER the worst movie of the year ain’t seen MONEY PLANE.

Tell you what, I went to go see a movie about monsters and I got me some gottdamn monsters alright. Milla in top form going *thru* it, and even though Tony Jaa don’t talk much, his unique school prankster/rapscallion energy shines through while he still shares serous moments.

I have no idea how MONSTER HUNTER holds up to the game but I didn’t give a shit I had a good time. For the first half of MONSTER HUNTER, Anderson really digs into his horror movie playbook. I honestly would like to see an unrated/R cut of this, it feels like it was itching to get really nasty. Also for all the “wHy SoLDIiers and dRAgonz?! PrOpagAnduh!”, they give it context, but also if you have a hard-on for “imperialists” dying or whatever the fuck, you’ll get your fill

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