Tenet ★★★

This nigga really just remade DEJA VU by tossing his dry ass 007 fetish aesthetic and Denzel Jr. into the Mr. Fusion blender. I had a good time tho.

Funny how the flaws of TENET are themselves paradoxes that reflect the concept/narrative. It uses such BIG ideas for such small-minded goals. Use time travel to....shoot tacticool gunz. Crash a jumbo jet to....open a safe. Use profound metaphysical theory to....beat women.

Elsewhere, Ludwig Göransson is a musical genius but he sorta overdelivers what Nolan asks for; making a score out of sounds in reverse is a technical marvel but in the end it's just overbearing noise. Just like the movie. (maybe that suits it, I guess).

TENET is a good example of important Heart is in a movie and the consequences of not letting that heart reverberate as loud as your explosions. There are brilliant flashes of romance, sincerely, between John & Rob, but it is strangled by intellectual machismo. The most outlandish premise in the universe is meaningless if there is no love.

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