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This review may contain spoilers.

hate myself for liking this
A film about female sexuality and empowerment written and directed by a male in the 80s is most likely to come out the wrong way and I was foolish for expecting otherwise.
Nola's character, despite trying to be independent and "not a one-man woman", is constantly craving male attention and we rarely see her without talking about the men in her life. Although this film claims to be "feminist" or a modern twist on female sexuality, is completely male centered. But that's not as nearly problematic as the last 15 minutes.
Without the infamous rape scene, this could be an instant 5 stars, but it portrays sexual assault as a "helpful" thing for the protagonist and completely ruined it for me.
That aside, loved the black and white imagery and the colored musical sequence was something else, not too shabby for a directorial debut.

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