Favorite films

  • ThanksKilling
  • The Nostril Picker
  • Curse of the Pink Panties
  • Hanna D: The Girl from Vondel Park

Recent activity

  • Zombie Ninjas vs Black Ops


  • Checkmate


  • Haunted Echoes


  • Passion in the Sun


Recent reviews

  • Bone Breaker

    Bone Breaker


    A woman lures people to her huge property in the woods to do a little Most Dangerous Game on their asses.

    No attempt for creativity here except for the killer being a woman. Its one of those nothing makes sense movies. You find yourself screaming at the screen a lot and hoping the DVD somehow combusts.

  • Grim Woods

    Grim Woods


    Some friends sit around a campfire reading horror stories to one another from a mysterious book.

    Another bad low budget time waster. If you took Grim Prairie Tales (1990) and smashed it with a hammer this is would be the end result.

Popular reviews

  • Knights of the Damned

    Knights of the Damned


    How can you screw up a flick that has zombies, dragons and Crusaders? Grab this one to find out.

  • Pledges



    Some pledges are thrown into the woods with a checklist and the bare essentials. The woods however end up being a toxic dumping ground with mysterious mutant aliens running around.

    A light PG type horror comedy that blends the hazing films with Predator minus the nudity and violence. Just ends up being boring. There is a cool shot of a pulsating tumor on a guy's neck as he transforms into a creature of some sort.