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This review may contain spoilers.

Liked this even more the second time around.

One aspect of the MCU that’s really irritated me is the absence of nearly all consequences. The heroes save the day, and everyone comes home safe. The action is often thrilling, but the stakes feel small (even when they are not small at all).

Perhaps this is why I was so irritated at the end of Infinity War. We know Disney is going to bring these characters back, so why are they teasing us with consequences when in fact there are none?

Here’s one of the reasons I like Endgame so much: it gives us our superheroes back, while also being a pretty sad story. Sure, a couple of characters die, but half the population just came back from the dead after five years! That’s five years of their loved ones grieving, blaming themselves, and doing their best to move on with their lives. Their family and friends returned, but reintegrating them back into “life” is going to be a mess. Ant-Man missed out on five years with his daughter—can you imagine that?

Pretty depressing. I hope the resulting MCU films wrestle with the fallout from these “lost years.”