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  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    “Welcome to the rebellion, Wade.”

    Going to go ahead and give this movie 5 stars because the character is named Wade, it’s officially a great superhero name now (thanks deadpool) Tye acts just like me, everything ive even wanted in a movie especially with the 80s throwbacks moneyshotting me in the face, loved the book. SO IM HYPEDDDDDD

    all jokes aside I have reasons to thank my mom for naming me this instead of Wyatt now. 

    honestly how much cooler can Spielberg get??? 

    will be back with a full review soon...

  • Detroit



    “It's a war zone out there.”

    Opening with a solid start the movie kind of takes a downgrade towards the third act. Mostly with forcing more pressure on social commentary than rather showing a solution or a way to learn from the past. Every scene glorifies in the chaos surrounding the characters. No justice is done and no lesson is learned throughout the runtime besides that there is two sides to racism that rears it ugly head in hatred.


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  • It




    Okay to start off, this is my review of the remake...reboot...wait no a an adaptation? Wait I don't give a fuck cause all those words essentially mean the same thing! This is a different representation but still intact with the novel so I can care less about using those words. I hate seeing people comment on reviews and mainly writing shit like that to seem like their smart...I got news for're not smart, you just look like…

  • Jackie



    "Jack has his hand out and I see a piece of his skull come off. And it was flesh-colored it wasn't white. And he slumps in my lap. His blood and his brains are in my lap. And I'm saying 'Jack, Jack...can you hear me? Jack! I love you, Jack!', and his head was so beautiful, and his mouth was beautiful and his eyes were open. I tried to keep the top of his head keep it all in.…