Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½

love means you never have to say sorry

that ending just kicked me in the nads and the movie at the last minute just hugged me and said it was bittersweet can that get.

after the Sunset falls into Midnight these lovebirds question the choice of their past selfs and the love they share which had me ripped apart as this is the years where lovers consider if...they...could last forever. After watching this on a chain it definitely delivers on the emotions this trilogy built up and how life can try and break apart two people who simply are meant to be. Love is not simple...there is no happily ever after, it’s the momentum of enduring challenges together and becoming stronger, don’t let both mistakes cloud the feelings between. 

This definitely was a miraculous watch and definitely recommend all three films to watch before you die. The raw magic between Jesse and Celine mirrors what two magnetic couples go through but at the end they prevail and idc what courses and consequences they go through they deserve each other and this was just depressingly sweet and I need to do something before I become a complete mess and—-and——-and....ugh this is the truth. I’m already a mess. A pile of insecurity mess. But I’m optimistic the future holds something for me. The cycle of affection. Commitment is key, you lovers out there...the pure ones deserve each other and everyone is jealous of you assholes haha. This was pleasing to watch even though I was too emotionally invested, when I find that one I’ll make it work as much as I can. 

ugh fuck I disgust my own self with this complex writing of love yuck, but I feel this shit, remembering them in Sunrise, these star-crossed lovers...

that ending was perfect

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