Constantine ★★★★

welcome to my life

thought I’d take a break from horror with this gorgeous bitch

i know it doesn’t go by the source material and makes a lot of drastic changes but man seeing this when I was younger was like the best thing since slice bread. I thought I was so cool after that I snuck and tried to smoke one of my dad’s cigs in front of my friends, I even slanted the butt of that bastard on my lips to be a badass but after one puff I ended up coughing my lungs up and in that moment I knew...I was not that cool yet.

Francis’s direction is like the brush of picasso, rough & smooth but so enticing to watch especially at Midnites club (with Passive playin in the background) and the third act of the film. Keanu being pretty awesome and my wife Rachel being gorgeous as ever, you really couldn’t ask for a better supernatural film.

Yeah yeah I know this version of hell is pretty bland and unoriginal but at least we get that awesome jump scene with Keanu

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