Dark Phoenix

she will kill us all

I didn’t want to rant about this and waste my time but...

this is pathetic.

to end a movie series that I grew up with and characters I adored from the animated series like this? like a old sick dog who’s been through the wringer being put out of its misery in the shed behind my bedroom while I’ll cover my ears from the dying whimpers...

I put up with the nonlinear shit continuity, I put up with studio interference with Origins, I pushed passed the misconception remnants of The Last Stand, I withstood JLaw’s piss poor attempt as Mystique and the agonizing mishandling of this series as a whole (excluding X1 & X2). I will not put up with this half-ass shriveled goodbye to the fans that made these films possible.

The only praise this deserves is the struggling talents of McAvoy and Fassbender who are the only real reasons these inept prequel movies work. But more so on Fassbender’s part, as they continue to destroy Charles character as a whole in this. McAvoy does what he can while Xavier is being visually neutered by studio writing. Fassbender chimes the same music as before but keeps a ferocity that holds Magneto still interesting this deep down the line. 

That being said, I don’t feel like diving in the negatives because I’ll drown and I don’t want to die for a film without a shred of gratitude to the viewers who wasted money on this. I DIDNT EVEN WANT TO SEE THIS! But I did and for the second time the Phoenix did not rise from the ashes again. Instead I watched every fat cat in Hollywood take a piss on it like it was their own personal litter until the embers died out. I’m sorry but aside from GoT, Sophie Turner cannot act. Yes she tried on here but she just can’t. Cause you can tell from her interviews that she didn’t care and not-so-subtle hints (she’s pretty loud about it) only cared about being paid. Which I would be too if I was hot for 15 minutes. A sad revelation once again that a person is in the spot they’re in because of fans that they spit on. nobody cared about this...so why should we? Maybe because we grew up with these characters, that it’s rich source material that Hollywood chip away to nothing and charged twice the price...idk. I’m just a lousy moviegoer who doesn’t understand greedy movie productions. But I do understand the fact that Fox squeeze this turd out before the rights poofed out of their hands to reap what little profits they could from a sinking ship. 

I adore the first couple movies, even Deadpool 1&2, for god sake I worship Logan. The animated series as a kid was fond memories. Maybe I’m taking this harder than I should, last few years hasn’t been good for the core movie series. But I don’t know what Disney can do that Fox perfected a few times. I’m not overall excited nor will I hold my breath. I’m just going to sweep the ashes of this once-proud series in the gutter and pray it rains hard enough to wash it away and the lingering bad taste out of my mouth.

p.s. jlaw mystique shut your mouth from what I remember at the end of Apocalypse every man had to save your worthless ass

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