Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★

i couldn’t resist

let’s be honest. leo deserved the oscar for this but the shower of praise from audience & fans is worth more than a dumb golden statue. tarantino follows up with a more outrageous good time with tubs of blood, wit and charming southern scenery smothered in the gravy of cold hard is sometimes hard to swallow but the spin behind it makes it a worthwhile near masterpiece. 

im not too big on the end and i just feel foxx was just so miscasted as the lead & i just couldn’t resonate with him or believe his convictions. but ill take him over the pompous will smith which the role was originally offered too. also more waltz is what i need and he’s just such a pleasure to watch. this was the first qt movie i saw in theaters and enjoyed every minute of it. years later it’s still a treat but it’s flaws are more visible after time. but it doesn’t matter, this is tarantino at his most funnest outlandish blood mood yet.

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