Hereditary ★★★½

“Give us your knowledge of all secret things.”

Now this had me baffled. Not surprised or shocked just mainly perplexed with the direction it decided to take and how it treated its material as it went forward. A very ballsy move on Ari Aster’s part who’s fucked up eyes show the details in life we want to ignore.

No doubt most will enjoy this. I know a bunch that thought it sucked but I thought it’s atmosphere deserves more credit than what they were saying. It’s a slow burn for sure. I’m still rectifying but at the moment I’m streaming it’s messed up plot digestively through my complicated/complacent brain of mine.

I applaud it wheeling it’s giant wagon size balls in at the third act but concerning myself if it justify its means. Like I found myself laughing...not because it was ridiculous maybe because I succumb to the madness...For fuck sakes I’m just picking it apart still. Once it got to the halfway mark I just felt it started to lose its originality. It was scary for all the right reasons in actual life and jeez one part I really got chills. But for it to take an extramundane route had me rolling my eyes. The lighting and editing lingering tells the story all on its own and it is somewhat terrifying without that hokey shit.

But what I will say is how fantastic Toni Collete is on here. I always tell everyone how she’s a great actress cause of her laid back, down to earth attitude. But jeez her movement in horror is scream queen material and a damn chilling performance. Especially with little actress Milly Shapiro who goddamn makes this so uncertainly uncomfortable than this film has to be. Like chill out with this creepy ass kids. I say this positivity cause this doesn’t work all the time in horror movies nowadays so kudos to her! 

Like be prepared for fucked up family issues cause it’s the toxic kind that can’t be helped, only spreads negativity. I love this, the darkness eating in a family, it’s so awkward and tense. Propelled by its searing score that sharpens your senses in this dysfunctional family that you belong to for 120mins. 

I find this hard to recommend, but seeing that a lot of people are enjoying it shows that don’t listen to me. If you’re intrigued check it out. I did find it to be overhyped which kind of ruined the flow for me. It may appeal to you—positively or negatively— doesn’t matter cause you won’t be forgetting it anytime soon after leaving the theater.

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