trust me

i had a nightmare. 

Not more than 15mins ago I woke up mouth dry as cotton and my body bathed in sweat. I can still hear the sludging of the black mire oozing in the halls of my home. the creek bed outside filled with it, the deep humming in the air that could rival the largest of trumpets. The air thick with harsh humidity that even breathing it felt choking. I heard the terrifying screams of my neighbors who’s houses were consumed in the black matter. I went to go help only to find every way in sealed by this sentient sludge. Mandibles protruded from its awkward sides. chanting came from the woods. trees landslided in the filth causing a purple black haze glow to the dying sunlight. I tried to call for my brother but last I heard he went into the forest hours ago (or that’s what the dream insinuated). I heard him scream. I was scared. His screaming got more high-pitched as it went on until it was a high note in the sky. Singing accompanied it after the silence of my brother. No not singing, laughter? The chanting got louder and closer. I didn’t know what to do. Every vehicle was melted down by the foul mire that leaked in them. Night was approaching and I was no longer safe. The chanting grew louder. I yelled for anyone but every house was covered even my own. The only clear way was in the woods, but whatever inhabited it drew near. I stepped back. there was a soft sploosh. I felt my foot give way, sinking into the earth slowly. I looked down and saw the oozing dark puddle I trapped myself in. It burned. I pulled and pried. No strength on the earth could have set it free. My leg was gone. what I pulled out was corroded bone fused together. I fell backwards landing on solid ground. The chanting broke the trees. I felt them near. The last moments are a blur. But I do recall being lifted up and taken somewhere dark...maybe back into the woods...maybe tossed into the foul sludge’s acidic ooze...idk. 

what does this have to do with the movie, nothing. well maybe the inherit dread that followed the ending after. I had a different review planned up before this horror fever. I guess sleeping on it wasn’t a good idea haha. I hardly remember my dreams but that was too vivid for my liking. I guess the film somewhat got to me as with my own self doubts. I can accustom the black mire as my anxiety & depression as of late and how I feel totally incompetent with what to do with my life. Closing myself in. But the rest I can assume it’s from the film. I’m still undecided on it. It got to me. It was...I can’t explain. I didn’t love it or hate it. I don’t know how to rate it and I thought a good night sleep on it would help lol. I don’t think I’ll watch it again but if I do come to the decision I’ll rate it in the future. As of now I’m sure that’s a calling to get myself together. Last few months I’ve pushed people away cause idk I felt I don’t deserve anyone. Something I have to fix and by george this horrid nightmare put it in perspective. Don’t have to be alone all the time. But I’m sure it’ll work it’s way back in my brain in the near future...and maybe I’ll learn where the chanting took me. if i’d want to know

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