Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

fuckin hippie motherfuckers 

yes yes i know what you’re thinking, why did I give this five stars? and wade you’re giving into the hype of it haha but I think in my own terms it’s vintage soul means a lot to me and the work of tarantino that’s led to this. out of all his films Resevoir Dogs has always been his best in my eyes. I felt for a film on that scale was amassed in his true creativity instincts, granted he tended to evolve with his other projects and it’s really hard to pick a fav but imo it was my fav for a long time...well until i watched this.

first off i thought i wouldn’t really like this. I avoided the trailers and pretty much anything about it. I thought it would have been this blown-up ridiculous tale of old 60s hollywood with souped up characters based on the actors of that time and worst of all would have been a disservice spin of the Sharon Tate tragedy. I could’ve never been more wrong. the approach to this was like letting fine wine breathe before taking a sip. Tarantino actually tackles a lot of problems that actors/filmmakers face in the sins of tinseltown. His handling of fictional characters and real-life talents blends well and acts as its own authentic timeline of a “what if” scenario and I dug it man. 

i truly love the dynamic of leo & brad as they were likable hilarious duo. i was afraid they would have made them one dimensional womanizers in the hollywood hills and make them super unlikable. but once again quentin surprised me. The winning ingredient that made this for me was...it didn’t feel like it was a throwback or a homage of that time. It actually had this polished era period charm that stood on its own feet. does it needlessly feel sluggish? well yeah but it gives you space to settle in with these characters and story. my favorite bit had to be leo’s meltdown in his trailer, I laughed my ass off. but majority of his best scenes was when he shitted on the hippies, it was great 

this was a love letter to film fans and I was constantly naming off or explaining these old films and actors to cody who was completely lost. all this golden film knowledge that my mom taught me growing up.  it was beautiful. no need to go technical, it’s tarantino the film looked great and worked well. feel good at its hippest with a satisfying ending I think the lowkey insouciant vibes definitely make it his best work and the characters just felt more relatable. at the end of the day that is what makes a film for me. and quentin tarantino continues to impress whether or not this may be his last film.

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