Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★

it is not of this earth

everyone loves a good adventure right? and these films deliver them immensely in awe & wonder. also i can’t believe how grim & dark this one is cause i don’t remember as a kid like that. which probably explains why...i think it was Temple Of Doom that birthed the pg-13 rating. but anyways yes a lot more peril than my memory recollects. ugh i can’t keep explaining about my childhood enough on how films that like these and others shaped my perception. ive said it so much and imma srry haha. 

but it definitely is an iconic film with a grandiose set-up, a legendary character played by the obviously perfect harrison ford and a journey of a lifetime that builds an incredible series that makes us want to find more out of life. than just sitting around paying bills, working nine to five and getting ready for holiday family gatherings UGH

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