Saw V

Saw V ★★★

I know who you are

Favorite trap: water cube

Favorite character: Mark Hoffman 

ok so people don’t understand how hard David Hackl fought to get this done. Yes he was a new director but I still think he captured the overall rustic feel of the series. the next two installments will show how hard Lionsgate fucked him and Kevin Gruetert over basically steering the series away from a glorious alternative path. 

the scene with the water cube and the compacting walls was tight direction from David and hearing his recent confession on making the series has me appreciate him more and his production designing work from Saw 2 - Saw 5 most of his ideas didn’t get put on screen but let me tell you this guy is a under appreciated visionary who got overturned by Lionsgate. 

the growing of Hoffman’s menacing presence is so cool and the game of cat n mouse with Strahm towards the bone-crushing finale is obviously the best part of this entry

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