Saw V

Saw V ★★★

h͟e͟e͟d͟ ͟m͟y͟ ͟w͟a͟r͟n͟i͟n͟g͟ ͟

i forgot to talk about the time i also met costas who plays hoffman. and omg talk about one of the coolest mf i ever met. i showed him the pic of when i dressed up for him on spirit week back in high school. i also gave him shit about gordon getting the upper hand on him, he just laughs and points at darren lynn bousman next to us saying:

if darren comes back to direct another one, i’m definitely coming back to kick cary’s ass and if you see him tell him that bathroom won’t hold me back from giving him an ass-whoopin!” hahaha he just went on like he was one of us young guys. fuck he was so cool! i asked how to pronounce his name cause i felt i was saying it wrong and the chill fox just says in his australian accent: “hey man you can pronounce it however. some people say COAST-AS or COST-ES or my personal favorite COST-ASS!” he was hilarious. 

cary elwes was in lextington at the time so couldn’t get his autograph yet but whenever i do i’ll be antagonizing the shit out of their rivalry lol. oh and guess what darren is directing the new entry Spiral...will hoffman be back??? pls fingers crossed. 

and this entry has grown on me overtime. like i still see why people don’t like it because some parts are boring. but you definitely have to watch it right after Saw 4 to get a rewarding experience. the friends thought it was okay and we’re very upset about Strahm’s fate. kristen & the girls were definitely upset since they loved him as Luke from Gilmore Girls haha. i still think the ending is really clever imo.

i remember driving with my parents on a snowy ass day back eighth grade to buy it. my dad kept saying i was an idiot for watching them and that i was messed up. but mom ended up buying it for me even though she didn’t like these movies she knew i enjoyed them and that i could handle them. my dad made a big deal all the way home about it saying that’s all i do is watch fucking movies...ugh...if i had a dollar every time he said that. but i quickly cheered up when i got in my room and watched it. after the crushing finale i was so hyped for
Saw 6 and thanked mom for getting it for me. wow this review got longer than i expected srry. hope you all are having bloody fantastic morning :)

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