The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House ★★★★

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Yes I know I’m extremely late to the party haha. The last two years I’ve been dealing with emotional conflicts and being an idiot before I could focus on another deep revolving show. I think I’ve learned so much this year. Enough to know that I’m more calm now. But anyways yes I’ve finally finished this popular show. The first few episodes were very rough and I just didn’t really connect with it. It wasn’t until halfway through the season I became extremely interested in it. 

Most of the characters I didn’t really like. Some of the acting was too dramatic for me. But I really liked the characters of Luke and Nelly tho because I’m also a fraternal twin too so I related to their sibling relationship. It’s a twin thing. Plus I thought they had more of a conflict with the house and their development was better established. I felt their struggles more. The acting from Oliver Jackson-Cohen & Victoria Pedretti was so good not to mention the glowing highlight in the whole series being Carla Gugino, they were easily the best aspects of the show for me. Tho I found the ending fitting I just wish it tied the house better together with the scares that took place. At the end it just felt like random scares for the sake of it. Some things are brought up but never explored again which dampen the effects the show tried to enforce. 

The directing was very good especially with episode six like wow what an episode. Henry Thomas and Timothy Hutton were great but I found it weird they played the same character, they could’ve easily made Thomas look a little older but Hutton is so good on here that the difference between the two didn’t bother me much. I’m actually very happy I finished this. At first it just didn’t register but once it focused more on the interesting characters I felt the emotional impacts it was dissecting. There’s still many questions I have but it seems to have wrapped up with a nice red bow. Now I’ll start Bly Manor as soon as I can but idk it’s very mixed atm so we’ll see what happens lol.

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