The Nun ★★½

Father *pulls out the blood of Christ*
Frenchie: Holy shit!
Father *smirks*: The holiest. 

So I’d say I was disappointed but I wasn’t really looking forward to this. I really wanted to see Searching but Kristin talked me into finally watching this. I wasn’t blown away from the Annabelle films and the spinoffs to The Conjuring universe so far feel like a quality dip in scares and frights. I know everyone was saying that a full trailer wasn’t released because it was too scary but to be honest there aren’t enough scares in this for a full trailer hahahahaha that’s why they could only use teasers so they kinda copped out the audience. This was nothing but jumpscares every predicable 10 mins and completely boring throughout, I yawned I don’t know how many times 

Besides that I really enjoyed the three main characters, yeah they were pretty plain but I felt like they had good chemistry and omg could we appreciate this movie for giving us a pure loving Taissa Farmiga jesus she was definitely the best thing to look at in the whole film. But the series of events that plague our trio just felt out of horror cliche 101 and gave them the most illogical choices that even the dumbest person would know to get the fuck outta there. 

I forgot to turn off my notification sound while watching and the scene where the nuns get knocked all back by an unknown force my phone simultaneously went “cha-ding” and the whole theater started laughing. Kristin’s face was buried in my shoulder laughing while a woman behind us said

 “All of you are going to hell.” 😂😂😂

Made the movie better.

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