The Wolf of Wall Street ★★

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Im sorry but I just can’t really force myself to like this movie anymore. Well I didn’t care much for it with my first viewing years ago.

DiCaprio does great and Scorsese orchestrates a well put together slime ball film. I just don’t like the fact this film romanticizes this man who lied and cheated his way to the top praying on the smaller people through corruption and fraud. This man, Jordan Belfort was a piece of shit and has a movie with legendary talent in his honor!? This worm (not calling him a man) cheated on his wife, fucked over his friends, used immense amount of drugs and manipulated innocent people...I know heroes of history who’ve done none of that worth ten of him...where’s their fucking movie? This film low key rewards the idea of living a criminal lifestyle at the expense of others. Yeah I get it’s played as a dark comedy, that it’s how wall street works and he gets his “comeuppance” but the film mostly celebrates his rise and lavish lifestyle he earned from crooked ethics. Making narcissism a role model for people to practice to get what they want. 

I couldn’t stand the characters. The screaming and over-the-top acting got on my nerves. The humor wasn’t all that funny but to appeal to college party dopes. I laughed a few moments but not enough to justify why this was made. It’s a perfect view of how disgusting the yuppie lifestyle was (is?) and celebrating it just adds to the shitty ways people love to fuck each other over. and the way women are treated/portrayed on here...damn we got some hypocrites up in here.

I may have went too hard on this but it’s been a long day and I got stuck watching it again and I had to force myself not to jump out a window and use the broken glass at the bottom to slit my wrists lol

this film makes me   S I C K

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