Midsommar ★★★½

Ari Aster's style of horror is on another level than your typical Jump scare riddled movie. The level of despair you feel throughout this film is enhanced by the music and cinematography. Dani, played by Florence Pugh does an excellent job of showing raw anguish and anxiety fueled by the circumstances of her life and shaky relationship. Dani's boyfriend Christian played by Jack Reynor is a believable portrayal of a fence rider when it comes to relationships. This uncomfortable dynamic between the two plays itself out in a compelling way throughout the movie leading to a bizarre yet spectacular climax (you'll get the double entendre if you see the movie).

Jack's friends Josh played by William Jackson Harper, Mark played by Will Poulter and Pelle played by Vilhelm Blomgren make for a realistic modern friend group with each character adding difference traits but slightly shallow character development except for Dani whose story is the main focus of the beginning part of the movie. The other main character is the Cult itself, the over the top sense of community and being one with eachother and the earth plays itself out in shocking and disturbing ways. The disturbing customs and rituals are what keep you constantly on edge from beginning to end and the fact it all takes place during the daylight gives you a sense a never ending daymare (is that a word?) is taking place.

This movie is certainly not for everyone and it's hard to find a lot meaning or takeaways but I don't think that was the goal of the movie. If you're open to taking a trip into a bizzare dread filled mind twisting journey with the occasional snuff film like gore than you will be entertained by this movie, or like some you might be walking out early.

I personally enjoyed it and while there were some parts that could have been shorter it was a good display of many of the traits that make a good horror movie.

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