Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

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I should not have watched this film. I remember when the initial dark trailer came out about a year ago. I was unimpressed. I thought the film was too dark in tone plus I thought the Joker was going to be too much of an emphasis. I couldn't wait to not this film. I knew it was going to crash and burn.

Then came all of the other trailers, the reaction from said trailers, and the BvS critical reaction. I was enjoying the fact that this film decided to take a lighter tone and focus more on the character's chemistry with each other rather than become a dark rehash (BvS) dedicated to showing off the Joker.

Then the reviews came in and to be honest, I kind of saw this coming. I was honest to god hoping this film was at least going to be huge step in the right direction for the DC Extended Universe . Instead, it seems like the films are trying their hardest to one-up each other in terms of how much they can make a boring, bland, uneventful superhero film.

I wish I can rant for longer but I can't write for shit. It doesn't come out right in my head, so I either end up scrapping everything or writing positives vs. negatives.

DC has one more chance. One more. After that, I'm done with their cinematic films (unless they get critical acclaim because glob knows I love those words).

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