The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★½

To me watching this movie is like staring at embers of a flame in a fireplace. It sometimes feels like you are standing on a cliff by the calm sea, looking at what seems to be the vast expanses beyond. Or it’s that feeling when you gaze at the infinite stars twinkling in the pitch black sky. Awe. Wonder. Calm. A tad bit melancholic.

Have you ever felt that sensation of déjà vu? You have done this before. You have been here before. How did I get here? How do I know this? You search the dark abyss of your mind to find a clue but it turns up empty. Or perhaps have you ever felt the craving to be full? As though a piece of your life is missing. As though you’ve lost someone but you just don’t know who. As though you’ve been searching for something that just doesn’t seem to exist your whole life. Constantly, many times in my life, I have felt all these emotions and all these thoughts yet I have never been able to put a finger to why or how or what is missing. 

The Double Life Of Veronique seems to be an answer to all my existential problems, yet it’s an enigma to me. Something that remains so elusive to me. Something that remains so mysterious. This film is practically a daydream that drifts along warm golden hues, warm distorted colours, it’s an ethereal soul searching journey. 

Identity seems to be a blur, a haze. Are we perhaps puppets, marionettes just to be toyed around with, disposable in the end. Are we alone in our very existence or is there someone, just someone who understands are spiritual pain but just lives so far apart for us to truly connect.

Once again, I am filled with an inexplicable sadness. Yet, it feels cathartic as well. It makes me hopeful in a way, perhaps, we aren’t actually alone. Perhaps at the end, we can find the solace we’ve all been longing for.

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