Yi Yi ★★★★★

I am in shambles.

You see yourself in everyone, life repeats itself in front of your eyes and you can't change it, and it hurts. You think that if you could relieve those old days, if you haven't done that one thing, life would have been different, "Maybe then I could have been happy". In truth you only know half the truth, as yang would say you only know what's in front of you, while denying the existence of what's behind your head. Chances are that if you tried to change it back then, you will end up in the same place, and you see it in other people, life repeating and suffering never ending. As a result you develop a fear, a fear of life.
This movie has an amazing depiction of that fear, as we pry on this family's personal affairs, the movie’s simple but elegant cinematography transforms the tension to fear into the viewer, and honestly I was very scared. We start this movie with a celebration of life and we travel through the different stages of life of a human being through the members of this family and we can see life repeating into itself, it instills this genuine fear of life onto me that other movies can't do.

In conclusion, Frank if you're reading this get ready we're on our way to kick your ass.

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