The Exorcist III

The Exorcist III ★★★½

The Exorcist (1973) is one of my favorite films of all times. Number 2 in the series, The Heretic, was an uninteresting, uninspired and pretentious attempt to make more money of a great story. The Beginning and Dominion isn’t even worth mentioning (even though that is exactly what I am doing). The Exorcist III however, was actually surprisingly enjoyable.

The first hour was great. The dialogue was funny as hell and actually pretty smart. And now I am comparing it to movies as a whole, not just horror movies. Unfortunately, it goes downhill after a while.

The problem is that it’s way too easy to guess why things are happening and how it all is connected. Just because the characters don’t understand anything, it doesn’t mean that the audience feels the same way. I understood the mystery and question of the film after 15 minutes, while the characters used like an hour. And I don’t think that is because I am particularly smart or anything. This was the biggest letdown of me.

The Exorcist III is nothing compared to the original, but honestly, who expected that. The author of the original novel both directed and wrote this film. And I think that helped the movie a lot. If you are a fan of demon/exorcism movies, I would recommend it. It is better than a lot others, especially modern ones, that are in the same genre.

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