The Pact

What can I say about The Pact? If nothing else, it at least tried to be something good. Too bad it also failed miserably.

I am not going to lie. I did watch this movie in a setting that is not great for horror movies. But frankly, I don’t think that the scary scenes would’ve been that much scarier had I seen it all alone at night, they were pretty tame. The bad setting doesn’t excuse the crappy storytelling though. Pointless twists and cliché characters.

I could of course write a lot about what worked and what didn’t, but that might be a bit difficult. There isn’t one aspect that can take all the blame for tearing the movie apart. No, the movie as a whole manages to do that. No point in explaining it any better than that in my opinion. Not with a movie like this.

The ending could’ve been a little creepy, if I had cared about the characters and plot that is. Something I stopped doing after 20 minutes. The ghost was laughable, and the last showdown with the killer also had it share of stupid moments.

The Pact had perhaps one cool idea ("under the floor") that they should have focused on. Instead of trying to force in a lot of suspense that in the end didn’t do shit. It did have retired Batman Cop, but in the end, not even him could save this film.