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  • Jamaica Inn

    Jamaica Inn


    Wow! What a magnificent story by Daphne du Maurier, who was born on this day, May 13, 1907. This is a wonderfully shot Alfred Hitchcock thriller that foreshadows his masterpiece Noirs.

    Jamaica Inn is a masterpiece film and I can not wait to receive Daphne du Maurier's novel to read it. I hope to someday visit the real-life pub Jamaica Inn.

    (By the way, her brilliant gothic romance novel Rebecca was also adapted by Hitchcock to create the romantic and…

  • If It's a Man - Hang Up!

    If It's a Man - Hang Up!


    If It's a Man - Hang Up! is an excellent complex thriller mystery film that is an episode in the Thriller series, It is difficult to figure out who the threatening caller is harassing and threatening the famous model due to the many plot twists, but that and the suspenseful story is what makes this an excellent film. There are so many ringings of the telephone, though it is bearable because the ringing is different than the old-fashioned regular ringing…

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  • Wild Strawberries

    Wild Strawberries



    I worked in the film section of a library & the foreign films were novel to me & blew my mind. This was the first one I took home from work & I kept it for months because no one requested it. The next film which I took home from that job that had a huge impact on me was Masculin/Feminin.

  • Bucktown



    Not going to spoil it for you. Just going to say that there's a fight scene in Bucktown that's better than the one in They Live.