The Lifeguard

The Lifeguard ★★★★½

At first I thought that this movie was about how grown-up Kristen Bell seems without makeup. It was adorable, depressing (when taken with vodka) and one of those movies you wouldn't mind owning, even though you might not watch it more than two more times. I did love it, though.

Kristen Bell is 29, as the Netflix summary mentioned and her character tells you every 15 minutes. I myself am 28, and I appreciated somebody going to the trouble of writing a movie specifically for and about me.

She goes back home to live with her parents and hang out with her old best friends after presumably being a by-the-book teenager and twenty-something, and gets a few ya-yas out emotionally in a way that deserves a better title and movie poster icon. Not incredibly sentimental, not lame-ass goofy comedy (as it appears re:the poster icon). Honest enough to be cool, but not honest enough to make you cry. I mean you might cry, but I didn't. I was "moved" later, I'd say. I recommend.