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  • Beyond Rangoon

    Beyond Rangoon

    This can be the last time I might post in a while in case Internet is shut down again. Currently Telephone, radio and television lines are cut off, but internet is back and running. And I want to speak out and bring more awareness to what's happening in my country.

    I will keep this short and simple. I woke up to a nightmare this morning with the news of Military coup happened last night in my country Myanmar (formerly known…

  • A Man Called Blade

    A Man Called Blade


    Mannaja aka A Man Called Blade deserved a much better reputation than just a pale imitation of Keoma. I am not denying the influences of films that came before, but it is more than just a carbon copy remake. While Enzo G. Castellari went for a grim apocalyptic wasteland where in salvery and racism are still at large, this one takes place in extremely muddy nihilistic dreamscape, a place that is brimming with aside from obviously influenced Keoma salvery aspect,…

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  • Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction


    My Favourite Films

    Revisiting this as a part of my Tarantino marathon for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    On this rewatch I found the film as entertaining and brilliant as usual but my feeling are not the same anymore. I don't feel the same energy I had when I was watching the film in my early years of into this cinematic world. (Tarantino and Tom Hanks movies played such a big role for me at that time and they…

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    My Favorite Films

    Of all the things in the world right now the last thing you need is another Marriage Story Reviews I guess. But I am gonna Jump on the Letterboxd Bandwagon and write one since this has a lot of potential to be my favourite movie of the year. (I still have yet to see some heavyweight movies)

    NoahBaumbach already did movie center around the divorce with The Squid and the Whale and show us how it effects…