American Honey

American Honey ★★★★½

My 50 Best Movies of 2010s

Every once in a while, there come a film like this that will remind you of this kind of certain people and lives are existed and American Honey is one of them.

The script, narrative, performances, dialogues all the aspect of the film are genuinely done that everythings seems so real.
The plot particular concern about American Dream and the story is told by characters traveling across the country, witnessing many issues and the characters themself are part of it too.
Also 4:3 aspect ratio gave the feeling that we are the one behind the camera, we are the one recording and witnessing all these events and story become more and more engaging that I am totall emerged into the plot during it 2 hours and 42 minutes runtime.

Sasha Lane delivered a great subtle performance and it is one of the best (probable the best) of this decade for me. She just came out of nowhere, had to act together with Shia LaBeouf and deliver this kind of performance is just amazing.

This could had easily been my best film of the year back in 2016. Just amazing.

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