Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★

Django Unchained, such a well dressed movie (look at all those costumes wore by Django, they are gorgeous) and it is the last Tarantino movie I watched before this marathon for his filmography. It was 2 and a half years ago and my reaction to the movie was mixed

This revisiting was not that good, I ended up enjoying less than on my first watch. Initial 3 1/2 stars movie but now I have to give this 3.
The big problem is that story moves very slowly and all the entertaining stuffs came only later in the movie. I liked the relationship built-up in first hour but there is nothing to entertain me, all the jokes fall flat, the script lacks sharp/smart dialogues that most of Tarantino works possessed

The biggest star from this movie for me is Leonardo DiCaprio. Not only he gave great performance, his did such a brilliant improvisation in dinner scene. I loved every moment with Calvin, probably one of the best villain Tarantino ever made. The shootout in the house is awesome with all the bullets flying around, blood and gore but like I said earlier, all of them came way way late into the story. Also Tarantino's cameo here is totally unnecessary, don't like it

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