Landscape in the Mist

Landscape in the Mist ★★★★½

Landscape in the Mist is odyssey of a young teenage girl and her five years old little brother who try to find their father who they believe is alive and living well in Germany. Along that journey these children get to learn about harness of reality, life and face with sexual awakening.

The movie is slow and contemplative. But what really left with me after the movie ended are certain moments. One sequence where kids get out of police station and everyone become tranfixed while gazing at the snow falling transported me to a fantasy world for split seconds. Everything else about this journey is brutal, devastating and slowly eating away all my happiness.

The movie is visually very beauty and images draws you in. But it is the camerawork that I really appreciated. I felt that there is certain distance between the way camera is positioned and character and it put me into feeling that I am kind of like an observer who gets to witness everything that is happening on screen. Also the way camera operates is really fantastic. When it needs to be it is just static (Never thought the static shot of back of the the truck could have made me this gross-out and angry) but most of the time it's slow and precise dynamic camerawork gave me feelings of longing and searching for something that I didn't know what it is and at the end I felt lost.

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