Piercing ★★★½

I happened to read an interview with Nicolas Pesce about this movie a while back. He said the ideas of making this movie came to him after reading original novel by Ryū Murakami while he was on the set of his first movie: The Eyes of My Mother and he made this movie when he was under the influence of Italian giallo horror movies.

The plot of Piercing is simple, it is about a business man Reed who suddenly got the urge to kill a prostitute, so he called an escort service and hired one. But when the prostitution (Mia Wasikowska) arrived at the hotel room, everything didn't go according to his plan and became twisted.

I enjoyed the first 50 minutes very hughly, I don't have problem with predictability of the third act but the remaining 25 minute is so boring and make it seems like 2 hours movie. Some of the elements here are really gross and weird, I guess if I knew about those classic giallo movies I would enjoy them more.
But I still appreciated the effort from Pesce, the film is very stylishly made and fun to watch for most parts, the music, setting and performances are really good and strong. Mia Wasikowska is doing her usual strange, weird persona and what can I say? I enjoyed watching her, as always.