The Tribe

The Tribe ★★★★½

No. 27 on My 50 Best Movies of 2010s

If some movies are meant to be experiences Plemya aka, The Tribe is definitely one of them. The best way to describe this Ukrainian drama is as silent movie with contemporary setting but it is still not technically correct. To be more precise the tribe is dialogue-free movie, you won't see any subtitles or translation here. So far in this decade there are three movies like this I've seen and all of them are different in their own ways. 2011 Oscar Best Picture Winner The Artist is a true black-white silent picture, Shaun the Sheep Movie is non-dialogue features animated comedy film and this The Tribe is a modern-day live-action movie that is a great take on silent genre

But there is a reason why The Tribe features non audible dialogues throughout the film beacuse the story is taken place mostly in boarding school for deaf teenage and around their students. And it follows a newly transferred student named Sergey (according to Wikipedia) who got drawn into the crime underworld of the school that consists of prostitution, drug and robbery

If there is one big problem that can arise that is lack of communication between the film and viewers. But when director tries to fix that with a
outstanding camerawork that extensively uses tracking shots, long takes and static shots to cover what is happening in the every scenes it works remarkably so the film never leaves me with confusions, rather it becomes a totally immersive and haunting experience from start to finish. (According to IMDB trivia the whole film consists of just 34 shots)

Apart from it's cinematography I love outstanding performances from all the deaf actors, and a bleak atmosphere the movie created. Ending is absolute downer and left me speechless and also a bit dissatisfied. This is such a brave and challenging filmmaking and it paid off extremely well. One of my new instant favourites for sure

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