Tombstone ★★★★½

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Hell's coming with me!

For me George P. Cosmatos's Tombstone is a near perfect western and this rewatch just reinforced that feeling. There has been many films about the O.K Corral Gunfight before but being made so late in the genre had given Tombstone some advantages. It was able to present the whole story more clearly (the arrival at Tombstone, getting into complications, leading up to the gunfight and the aftermaths) while also giving it more updated modern feel to it.

And unlike previous adaptations side characters in this have given more weight to them (particular the other two Earp brothers who were brilliantly played by Sam Elliott, Sam Elliott's moustache and Bill Paxton) and performances from ensemble cast only enhance that. Kurt Russell is a badass as retired famous lawman Wyatt Earp and Val Kilmer is standout with his stunning portrayal of dying Doc Holiday. Even if you are not familiar with the story, still can enjoy this easily as it gets everything: a great romance, lush musical score, super violent actions (the part where Earp brothers and Doc Holiday marching up to the Gunfight is fucking epic!), dazzling photography and engrossing central drama about Wyatt Earp's moral dilemma.

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