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  • Sleepless



    Glaiza and Dominic's individual performances worked on their own, but I just can't feel Gem and Barry connecting with each other.

    I don't particularly work at one, but the call center tone was not convincing enough. I found out what Gem really is from the get-go (I still don't know if they intend it as a twist). I appreciate the animation gimmicks in storytelling, but I hoped they were consistent. (Or better yet, they removed its incorporation).

    But despite all…

  • The Social Dilemma

    The Social Dilemma


    It could have done better without the theatrics.

    But the point here is clear.
    Social media is human manipulation and strict regulation is critical now more than ever.

    This subject hits closer to home.
    Years ago, I decided to deactivate my social account to distance myself away from an unhealthy like-thirsty, time-killing, and fame-whoring environment. But months later, I ended up eating my words. Until now, scrolling the feed is the first and last thing I do every waking moment.…

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  • Never Tear Us Apart

    Never Tear Us Apart


    Was shot using iPhoneX and presented the same way as it was vertically captured but the atmosphere of intimacy dominates rather than the claustrophobic.

    A unique and provoking (to the point of severe discomfort) piece of Philippine cinema. I've never thought that one day, I would see Ricky Davao being sodomized on the screen.
    Surely not a recommendation for the general public.

    Bottomline, Whammy Alcazaren did this without giving an F about how you feel. And that's an attitude right there.

  • I Lost My Body

    I Lost My Body


    <looks at my hand strangely>

    "Uhmm.. Hi?"