Moments in a Stolen Dream ★★★★

(Gotta order those 'Lino Mocha' and 'Vanilla Santos' milkshakes.)

An uncomplicated budding romantic affair between Ana (Hilda Koronel) and Joey (Christopher De Leon) set in a breathtaking unscathed Baguio City. And the incorporation of crisp colors and emotive original music adds more verve to the pairing.

For almost two hours, you get to be hypnotized by Hilda's eternal beauty and be serenaded by Christopher in bell-bottoms.
There are also genuine laughs induced by the fun company of Bibeth Orteza, Laurice Guillen, and 2/3 of the APO trio (Boboy and Danny).

Mike De Leon makes us realize that come hell or high water, being in love is still one of the best things that could happen to us and we should never deny it to ourselves.

Advice for Ana:
If someone composes a song while sincerely sings it in front of you, don't interrupt him with absurd questions.