Only You ★★

Maricel Soriano is a complete knockout here. Knocked out beside a river, knocked out in a lake, and knocked out naked in the middle of the green fields. And of course, in her performamce too. (Her unexpected make-it-rain scene was badass).
Can't say the same with Richard Gomez, because I could sense some rigidity in his line delivery.
Charito Solis charmingly eases the tension in every heavy scene.

Can't stand most parts of it 'cause it's like watching your usual primetime teleserye with all the ever-before-seen confrontations about money, acceptance, and love. And you know a theme has gone overboard if you achieved to insert the pera derivatives such as: kwarta, salapi, yaman, ari-arian, testamento, pamana, milyones, and ginto repeatedly in the dialogue.
But I got to give it to them when I was caught off guard with the ending.

(So I guess Eddie Gutierrez has the final laugh here)

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